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Welcome to CTK Preschool!


A Loving Place to Learn and Grow!

Our mission is to help children develop a love of learning because learning is fun. We want each child to love coming to preschool, and we strive to give all of them a solid foundation for their educational future. To achieve these goals, CTK preschool implements the following strategies: 

  • We provide a child-centered, play-based program designed to meet the real needs of children.

  • We allow students the freedom to be children.

  • We put spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being first.

  • We nurture children and help them learn how to get along with their peers by providing a safe, loving, Christian environment.

  • We teach problem-solving skills through which children learn to resolve conflicts, form positive relationships, develop self-discipline, and show respect for others.

  • We teach children to be good stewards of our Earth and all its resources.



For more information about CTK Preschool or to schedule a tour, please call Beth Hollander, Director at 919-460-0950

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